Joints Pain


Joint pain is a very common problem affecting significant number of people 

Young Adult Knee


Young adult knee problems including cartilage injuries, sports injuries and long standing mechanical problems which are not amenable to routine orthopaedic treatment are managed by Dr Srinivas Thati.

Sports Injuries


Knee is the commonest large joint injured while playing sports. The spectrum of injury can vary from mild sprain of the knee ligament to multi-ligament injury making the knee unstable. Not only the soft tissues, the cartilage and bone can also be affected. Majority of the knee injuries need good clinical assessment, among which some need an experienced sports surgeon who can identify the severity of injury and make timely intervention either in the form of operative or non-operative treatment.


Dr Srinivas Thati is trained in Joint replacement surgery and arthroscopic surgery in UK and USA. He has 16 years of experience in orthopaedic surgery and does a focussed subspecialty practice

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